Launched in 1999 as OCB Oilfield Services, the company pioneered the ‘Integrated Resource Management’ approach and has been providing seamless manpower solutions to oil & gas projects on a global scale.

OCB Oilfield Services delivers consistent, end-to-end human resources solutions to the oil & gas industry, enabling asset owners and operators to focus on their core business.

  • OCB pioneered the integrated resource management approach and has been providing seamless human resources solutions to Oil & Gas operations globally
  • OCB has been utilising a strict candidate screening procedure, going to great lengths to ensure that candidates not only have the necessary skills, but also have the right attitude to work that matches the client’s company culture
  • Diverse senior management experience in global oil and gas manpower services.
  • Over 1000 contract personnel deployed on projects worldwide (Middle East, West-North & South Africa, SE Asia and Europe) centrally managed from Dubai HQ.
  • Quality management certification:
    • ISO  9001:2015
    • OHSAS 18001:2007